Limited Purpose Visas

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New Zealand Limited Purpose Visas

Persons who would like to enter New Zealand for an express purpose and who would otherwise find it difficult to obtain a different type of visa (e.g. due to perceived risk of overstaying authorised period of stay in New Zealand) may consider applying for a Limited Purpose Visa.

The person who obtains a Limited Purpose Visa and enters New Zealand for an express purpose in accordance with the terms of such visa, must leave New Zealand after such stated express purpose has been achieved. Such person cannot apply for another type of visa within New Zealand.

However, in some cases, such person may apply for another Limited Purpose Visa within New Zealand, but for the same express purpose as the preceding Limited Purpose Visa.

The express purpose for a New Zealand Limited Purpose Visa may include the following:

  • Short time studies as a full-fee paying student in New Zealand
  • Attending an important event in New Zealand
  • Family emergency in New Zealand
  • Recognised Seasonal Employer (RSE) Work Category (to work for New Zealand employers in horticulture and viticulture industries)
  • Other legitimate specific purpose, other than employment in New Zealand

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