Australia Student Visas

Australia Student Visas

Australia Student Visas apply for international students who want to immigrate to Australia to study.

Australia Student Visa (subclass 500)

Since 1 July 2016 there is only one Student Visa in Australia for all the following education programs:

  • Language courses
  • Non-award courses
  • Vocational education and also training (partnership between Government and industries, taught by industry professional in a genuine work environment)
  • Elementary and secondary education (for example, students under 18 years old can be accompanied by a guardian who will have to obtain a Student Guardian Visa (subclass 590)
  • Basic Education (one-year intensive course to prepare an undergraduate program at a university or college)
  • Undergraduate program: Bachelor, Honours Bachelor Degree
  • Postgraduate program: Master, Doctorate PhD

Procedures to get a Student Visa:

  • Submitting the application to the Australian institution, receiving and accepting a Letter of Offer to start a full time study program
  • Receiving your electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE)
  • If the student is under 18 years old, social welfare agreements must be in place for the duration of the student’s stay in Australia


  • Be enrolled in a one of the education program above in an Australian institution
  • Genuine Temporary Entrant, genuine intention to study and stay temporarily in Australia
  • In some cases it may also be necessary to provide evidence of English language proficiency
  • Sufficient financial resources to ensure all the expenses during the intended stay in Australia
  • Hold medical as well as comprehensive hospitalization insurance for the whole period of stay in Australia
  • meet the Australian health requirements (health examination may be required)
  • meet the character requirements (police certificate may also be required)

What Student Visa allows:

During the validity of the Student Visa, international students can also travel from and to Australia.

Student Visa allows international students to stay and live in Australia throughout their studies. Furthermore, they have the opportunity to stay between one and three months after the studies according to the program chosen.

International students holding a Student Visa can work while studying up to 40 hours every two weeks excluding school holidays excepting for Master’s students in the field of research where this restriction is not applicable.


The processing time for Student Visa can be up to 3 months.

Other Visas related to the Australia Student Visas:

  • Visitor Visas: international students who plan to choose short-term study can apply for a Visitor Visa
  • Student Guardian Visa (subclass 590): students under 18 years old can be accompanied by a guardian who will have to obtain Student Guardian Visa
  • Temporary Graduate Visas (subclass 485): with this Visa, the student can stay as well as work temporarily in Australia after studying
  • Training Visa (subclass 407): if the student has already worked in his/her country and wants to come in Australia to improve his/her professional skills through a training, he/she can apply for this visa
  • Working Holiday Visa (subclass 417): with this Visa, international students can also study up to 4 months

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Australia student visas