Робочі візи в Нову Зеландію

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Робочі візи в Нову Зеландію

There are different types of New Zealand Work Visas. Determining the right type of work visa is absolutely crucial for the outcome of the work visa application. Each type of work visa has its own application eligibility requirements.

The applicants may have different reasons for applying for New Zealand work visa, but some of the common reasons may include the following:

  • To work in New Zealand for a specific purpose or event (e.g. Intra-corporate / Intra-company transferee)
  • To work in New Zealand as a business person
  • To gain work experience in New Zealand
  • To work after graduation from studies in New Zealand
  • To join a partner in New Zealand and be able to work while staying in New Zealand
  • To work while holidaying in New Zealand: Working Holiday Visas >

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