Гостевые визы в Новую Зеландию

Гостевые визы в Новую Зеландию

Persons who would like to visit New Zealand temporarily, and do not intend to study (for more than 3 months) or work in New Zealand may need to apply for, and obtain a New Zealand visitor visa before traveling to New Zealand.

Visitors to New Zealand should meet all of the main visitor visa requirements, such as:

  • Appropriate purpose for visiting New Zealand
  • Genuine / bona fide temporary visitor intentions
  • Sufficient financial resources for visiting New Zealand (proof of funds is usually required)
  • Good Character (e.g. absence of criminal history)
  • Good Health (it is a good idea to arrange a comprehensive medical insurance for the duration of visit to New Zealand)

N.B.: citizens of countries that are on the visa-waiver list may be able to travel to New Zealand without applying for a visitor visa.

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